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Chota Bheem

His mother died from a fall after receiving an electric shock while jumping through a transformer and breaking her spine. But she had wrapped her baby in her arms ensuring his safety. The mom was declared DOA, and the doctors were pretty shaky about the survival of […]

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Mastitis – India’s Woe !

Thane SPCA receives a large number of animals afflicted with Mastitis. Mastitis is a serious health problem with an inflammation of the mammary gland (udder) that causes a chemical and physical reaction in milk produced by cattle and goats. It is more frequent in dairy and meat […]

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All’s Well That Ends Well !

  In the month of December 2012, we recued a mother and baby donkey. While the mother was seriously injured from a vehicular accident and had broken her right hind leg in two places, the baby had also received the impact of the accident and has skin […]

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On The Wild Side !

Thane SPCA receives tip offs about animal cruelties and illegal keeping of wildlife many times a week. In the last week of December 2012, quite a few people from Bhayander reported a family keeping several mongoose, Turtles and Black Kites inside their garden and home. All these […]

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Spray Of Colours

We welcomed Holi colours 3 months prior to Holi ! Following up on a telephonic complaint of a man carrying coloured chicks in a Churchgate bound Local train, we managed to seize 47 of them. After a quick police complaint, the chicks were offloaded from a 1 […]

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Luck By Chance

  Two similar cases of hit and run, on the same day, at two ends of Thane district, brought Badal from Mira Road and Bijlee from Koperkhairne together. Both had complex hind leg fractures. Both were approximately of the same age. After 4 rigorous months of treatment, […]

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Nanha Farishta

  This hyperactive young female Rhesus had to be rescued from a Housing Society in Mumbai city, where she had made a home for herself in the Managing Committee room. She had several injuries on her chest to treat which we needed to befriend her. She took […]

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Khadda Singh & Fadya

Rescued by the same motorcyclist who ran over her on 15th September, Khadda Singh ( named after the huge Khadda or Hole on her abdomen)  did not come with any hope of survival. This was a one of a kind injury, where the muscles and tissues were […]

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From the rigours of pulling Victoria carriages in South Mumbai, Jack was rescued from an abusive life and sneaked into Thane SPCA for treatment and rehabilitation. A mighty Marwari, Jack came to  us limping on his highly inflamed hocks. He was escorted into the hospital by …Helen […]

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We planted a lawn for our tortoises and our duck

In this quarter we planted a lawn for our tortoises and our duck – Pakya, saved Chota Baba the calf with a fractured leg, from the middle of a busy highway hand reared him till he was fit to eat on his own, rescued a Bonnet Macaque along […]

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