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The Indomitable Munnabhai

  Like in the movie of the same name ,Munnabhai MBBS had 2 things going in his mind – One that he would not give up, second, that he would take his own sweet time so that he could mesmerise our staff with his  charm and make […]

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Words fail to compliment the behind-the-scenes heroes who rescue cases such as Ojas. After hours of running behind him, Ojas was trapped by Aditi Parmeshwaran, single-handedly. She brought him to our hospital after changing 2 auto rickshaws, the drivers of which were short of fainting after seeing […]

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Happywala Homecoming

A classic metacarpal fracture, after being hit by a car, as per the witnesses. The injury developed into an open wound which was filled with dirt. While we tried conservative treatment, it was clear that the dog was fighting an infection and the healing was being delayed. […]

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Named after rescuer who spotted her at a bus stop and contacted us immediately for help. This was a not only very critical surgery, Post excision treatment was a challenge, keeping her from removing the stitches. She was almost 2 kilos lighter when she was released to […]

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No Risk .. No Gain

  We took a calculated risk with Munni’s surgery as her haemoglobin level was only 6.5 at the time of admission, low platelet and high WBC count. But it was a Do or Die situation. The 2 odd kilos of tumor had to be excised. And after […]

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We do not know for sure HOW this happened, we were told it was a series of blows with an iron rod. But we do know for sure that this is one gentle, cooperative dog who didn’t budge once while he was being treated, cleaned and fed. […]

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From the desk of Ranger’s Rescuer Aditi Parmeshwaran : Remember Ranger ? The abandoned GSD Indie mix, with a maggot wound around the eyes ? Look at him now!!! This is just pure magic!! I could see his skull and thought he would lose his eye. After […]

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  RAJA – A street dog entered a home without the knowledge of the owners, who were shifting residence the very same day. He unknowingly got locked when the family left, for almost more than a month. His feeders ultimately tracked him down behind the closed doors […]

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Despite Lockdown …

What did we do during the 5 months of lockdown ? Were we functional? Were we partially closed? What about staff attendance?  While we had to close down admission and ambulance service during the first few weeks, till we could  procure essential passes for ourselves, we resumed […]

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We were introduced to and interacted with Powder through social media. We met face to face when she came to us for Oxygen support in her last days. In memory of Powder, who left us despite all medical attention, a new Oxygen Concentrator was added to the […]

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