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Call Of The Wild

For quite sometime now, we have been seriously worried about the random and undocumented wildlife rescues happening in Mumbai, Thane and Raigad. A lot of the wildlife “rescued ” have no track of being released scientifically back into the wild. Coupled with this is the fact that the only rehab center is at katrej, which is always overloaded.

On the trek660495proposed site for other birds660495 Prorposed site for kite rehabilitation660495

Luckily for us, a presentation to the Additional PCCF, Wildlife Mumbai, and a  visit to Karnala Bird Sanctuary with the Senior Officials of the Forest department led to the decision of repairing and refurbishing 2 existing large cages in the Sanctuary. Thane SPCA has promised to extend its financial support as well as logistic support for this project. With this project, birds which need long term rehabilitation will be shifted to Karnala making space for emergency admissions in the city hospitals.

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