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BOYEE DOG from Vasai

A compound dog named Boyee Dogg suffered a malicious fall from the Second floor of a building at Vasai and was rescued by the Thane SPCA. He was presented to our Surgeon Dr. V. Chariar with non supportive front limbs. 

On physical examination the legs were showing bilaterally exposed bones of carpo-metacarpal joint, creating wound on lateral and medio-lateral aspect of both left and right front limbs respectively.

On his injuries were found to be very severe – Old Open Joint and complete destruction both Carpal Joints (Wrist, in people). Severity, complexicity and bilateral nature of the Septic Open Joint injury posed a challenge to achieve immobilization and thereby attend the union of the dislocated joints.

Considering that such a severe injury would not lend itself to surgical correction, conservative management was planned in a step-wise manner to try achieve an ambulatory result for the patient.

With the help of light General anaesthesia Surgeon Dr Chariar placed a plaster with a window that would permit stabilisation of the severed joint. Supportive therapy with broad spectrum antibiotics and analgesic was started with daily wound management. Cage rest was suggested.

He also permitted the open joint to drain and be dressed on a daily basis.

Once the patient was ambulatory on three feet, the joint appeared to stabilise. Response to the treatment was encouraging. Gradual support with plastered leg and analgeisa improved clinical condition of the patient. As confidence of the patient increased gradually, a similar plaster was placed on the other forelimb leaving a window over the wound for daily management. After few days, additional bolstering of the POP cast was needed to be done for left leg which showed early signs of plaster weakness.

Boyee DogAs near to perfect immobilization was achieved in both legs, the wounds started to heal rapidly. Dislocated Joints need more than 6 weeks to heal, hence the time-frame of 6 to 8 weeks of immobilization was targeted to acheive full proof standing support.

Within a fortnight the patient is fully ambulatory on all fours – indeed a small miracle !

The best part was the complete adulation for the dog shown by his human residents of his building. They travel 50 kms each way every alternate day to the hospital to spend time with their loved guard dog.

Pretty satisfying when a miracle and so much love can undo some malice !

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