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bingoBingo,a beautiful Dalmatian was brought to Thane SPCA on 24th June 2012,in a pathetic condition by her owner – Mrs. Singh residing in Hiranandani Complex – Thane. After being excessively medicated by the consulting vets, Bingo’s symptoms worsened & she was vomiting blood accompanied by blood in her stools when she was wheeled into Thane SPCA.

Mrs. Singh’s frustration & anxiety levels had shot up as Bingo was near collapse. One look at the patient & Dr. Sanjay, TSPCA Hospital Manager swung into action & administered the required treatment immediately to stabilise her.Bingo showed signs of life again. Meanwhile her blood was sent for specific tests. It showed higher creatinin levels indicating sluggish kidneys. Our panel homeopath Dr. Madhuri Gurjar was consulted & her medication worked wonders in the next 3 days !

Bingo’s bleeding stopped & continuous treatment during the next few days put her back on her feet. She showed good signs of appetite & was bouncing back to good health with every visit to THANE SPCA. The latest blood report of Bingo showed absolutely normal kidney function. We at Thane SPCA rejoiced with our staff & Mrs. Singh with a happy Bingo who gave us big smiles along with her owner. Bingo’s happy story has boosted the moral of .. Team Thane SPCA

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