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Bajrangi Rescued By Thane S.P.C.A


On 16th Nov 2011 Team TSPCA received a distress call of a month old baby monkey being held captive by some adivasis in Thane. Our rescue team with doctor rushed to the spot & rescued the traumatized baby from the clutches of the culprits who panicked & ran away . Since the baby was badly bruised, immediate medical attention was the first priority. The TSPCA ambulance rushed to our emergency centre & the baby was given water & some juicy fruits which he slowly imbibed. After allowing him to stabilize, our senior surgeon checked him thoroughly & the X ray showed that though one of his hands was swollen & bleeding, it was not fractured. The baby was christened as – Bajrangi.

In a couple of hours , after a short nap, Bajrangi looked fresh & was on a romping spree. As usual, Mrs Irani has taken Bajrangi under her maternal umbrella & pampering him with renewed enthusiasm. Bajrangi is a hot favorite now with all of us – considering his age, vulnerability & zest for life.
These pictures are testimonials of Bajrangi being given the best of treatment with love & care at our TSPCA facility. We at our end are all praying to Lord Almighty for his quick recovery . We hope all animal lovers will join us in prayer for Bajrangi’s good health.

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