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Auro & Paa


For more than 66 days, Auro kept us on our toes. He was the first and last topics of discussion everyday. Having been admitted with a mass of 1.70 kilo on his head, he went through a supra major 3+hrs critical surgery ending with the excision of this mass and relieving him of a dangerous condition called Multiobular Osteochondrosarcoma. This mass would have proved fatal by putting pressure on his skull if left untouched. We had to take a chance. Naughty and kind at the same time, Auro will be missed by all of us who turned days into nights taking care of him relentlessly, ensuring he returns home to his caretaker. 




And just when we were smug that a terrible ordeal was over, Paa walked in with a similar, but not as large a mass on his forehead too. This time around, we were more confident, especially about the post operative care, which is by far the most important part in the rehabilitation process after such a critical surgery. 48 days later, his main caretaker Dr. Mahesh was all smiles before he boarded the ambulance to go back home. 

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