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Adventures Of Dear Donkey

A Baby Donkey, couple of months old, was rescued from the Eastern Express Highway in Mumbai. We were told that he was hit by a vehicle and thrown quite some distance away.

Dear had lost a lot of blood. By the time we stabilised him, necrosis had formed and he stood the chance of gangrene and him losing his life if infection set in.

We asked many veterinarians to help us with the surgery, but since there was probably no precedent, no one came forward. Dr. Vikaram Dave, our Surgeon, took on the challenge and decided to operate on him. He studied the subject extensively and then took the plunge. At this point Dr. Dave started referring to him as Dear, because of Dear’s lovely nature.

A 3 hour surgery on Dear, and we were assured that he would be able to walk again – albeit on 3 legs.





We do not have a travis or Chain-and-pulley to suspend large animals ( mostly due to paucity of funds ). So we made indigenous sling from the roof of the cattleshed to keep Dear suspended till his wounds started to heal.





The leg had to be dressed daily by our vets and twice a week by Dr. Dave. The leg took a long time to heal as Dear kept running around in the shed being a baby, and the wound kept opening up. Dr. Dave designed custom made socks for him to keep the wound from scraping and re-opening.

Dear was made to walk daily under supervision keep his metabolism in good condition. His not having a leg made little difference to him. He is most friendly with all our resident animals.

Our friend, Dipankar, an IIT engineer started working on the design of the artificial leg and ultimately it was tried on Dear. He took a couple of days to get adjusted to it and now he is quite comfortable with it.

Dear wears his leg the whole day and we remove it after 8 PM when he gets ready to sleep.

Now all he needs is a Forever Home where he can spend his life without having a care in the world.

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