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Used & Abused !!

In Thane district, donkeys are used for every purpose. Construction of buildings, repair of railroads, transportation of everyday use articles.  They do backbreaking work the full day with very little food, most of which is usually junk. Yet, they are the most abused of all animals.

With the help of Thane Municipal Corporation, Thane SPCA has regulated the donkey owners very successfully. All owners are registered with us, they come to us twice a year for vaccinating their animals, and they bring their animals to us whenever they are injured or sick. We do this at a very subsidised rate, the only reason of charging the owners is to add a value to the animals they keep.


This donkey was rescued yesterday from outside of Thane, she was lying across a gutter making it difficult for passers by and autos to pass. So what would the public do? They started to hot the animal with stones to make her get up from the gutter. Luckily we got a call and went and rescued her. Found out that she is in full pregnancy. Her treatment for some small bruises and cuts, are on. But what we are eagerly waiting is for the newcomer to arrive, which should be soon enough.

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