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Despite Lockdown …

What did we do during the 5 months of lockdown ? Were we functional? Were we partially closed? What about staff attendance?  While we had to close down admission and ambulance service during the first few weeks, till we could  procure essential passes for ourselves, we resumed […]

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We were introduced to and interacted with Powder through social media. We met face to face when she came to us for Oxygen support in her last days. In memory of Powder, who left us despite all medical attention, a new Oxygen Concentrator was added to the […]

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Indian Chameleons ( Chamaeleo Zeylanicus ), are not toys, as some would love to believe. Like the little boys, who found it, tied  up his feet and played some ping-pong with it, till they caught the attention of Forest Officer, fortunately. He brought it to us, where […]

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Auro & Paa

  For more than 66 days, Auro kept us on our toes. He was the first and last topics of discussion everyday. Having been admitted with a mass of 1.70 kilo on his head, he went through a supra major 3+hrs critical surgery ending with the excision […]

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From ‘I’ to ‘We’

OUR CHALLENGES   This never before Covid – 19 situation has been a difficult time for humans and animals alike, made more difficult by isolation. It brought a lot of anxiety adding to the already existing ones of impending statutory changes, which has threatened to negatively impact flow of […]

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