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Sajjan in Hindi means an amiable and gentle person Thinking we were only rescuing an injured horse from  a residential complex, Sajjan, the gentlest of horses,  was declared as a carrier of suspected Glanders ( or Farcy ) by our Veterinary Officers as soon as he was […]

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Police Dog

Station Boy Lalu The entire Kalwa Traffic Police Department came to say the final goodbye to Lalu, the Station pet since 12 years. He expired at a ripe old age at our hospital, after performing his daily duties for all this time. For more than an hour, […]

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Pandu Kuru

WHEN PANDU MET KURU Beginning of April 2019, a day old monkey baby walked into our lives. Mother DoA, an accident victim still clutching her baby, yet another challenge was thrown at us – one of hand rearing a baby monkey, something  were have done several times […]

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In Mumbai, Chikna means Glossy, Suave or Sleek. Far from what he was when he was admitted to our Hospital. Emaciated body filled with oozing and bleeding scabs and with foul smell, he was the representative of scores of street animals suffering from  Sarcoptic or Demodectic mange. […]

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