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Sairam To Saira

Since she was rescued from Shirdi, 9 hrs away, and brought to us, the staff  decided to name her Sairam. She had a gaping head wound, the kind that has been proved to be most difficult to treat. Her foot was crushed under a vehicle with exposed […]

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Palghar Monkey

The end of the first week of July saw an injured sub adult monkey from Palghar admitted to our hospital. Curiously, she had a missing limb with a fresh wound. The exposed bone of the missing hand had to be amputated at the Thane SPCA hospital facility. […]

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Moving With Change… Making Life Better

When we started off on the journey as a civil society, we never knew that electronics would become an indispensable aspect of our future activities. We were equipped with just our passion – and ‘hard copy’ documentation, and being inherently change-averse, we decidedly stayed away from cyber […]

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