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Shampoo Baba

 Ignorance is not always a bliss. A small tail wound festered into a huge gaping one, because of wrong chemicals used to treat it by local do-gooders. Flea Shampoo was one of the medication used, hence he came to be named Shampoo Baba. Thanks to a sharp […]

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Project RAHAAT

In the month of August, news streamed in, about the severe flooding in the state of Kerala due to unusual heavy rainfall. Within 2 weeks, over 400 people died, and a million were evacuated. A level 3 Calamity was declared by the Indian Government.One of the largest […]

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Sairam To Saira

Since she was rescued from Shirdi, 9 hrs away, and brought to us, the staff  decided to name her Sairam. She had a gaping head wound, the kind that has been proved to be most difficult to treat. Her foot was crushed under a vehicle with exposed […]

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Palghar Monkey

The end of the first week of July saw an injured sub adult monkey from Palghar admitted to our hospital. Curiously, she had a missing limb with a fresh wound.The exposed bone of the missing hand had to be amputated at the Thane SPCA hospital facility.For a […]

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Moving With Change… Making Life Better

When we started off on the journey as a civil society, we never knew that electronics would become an indispensable aspect of our future activities. We were equipped with just our passion – and ‘hard copy’ documentation, and being inherently change-averse, we decidedly stayed away from cyber […]

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React & Act

How does an urban animal come to this state, and goes unreported ? Even a few  years ago, welfare groups had not made such a mark on social media. But today, in this overly connected age, it should be so much easier for any concerned citizen to […]

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Dear Donkey With Shembur

He Lives on in Spirit!!Thane SPCA without Dear the Donkey, is unimaginable. But the inevitable always happens. Dear left us after 9 years.Dear in his lifetime had gained more fame than any of us. Because of the way he fought to stay alive as a baby after […]

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Crème de la crème!

Cream tour staff named him, because after the initial bath, he turned from a muddy brown to cream. He was rescued from Aarey Milk Colony, with a broken necrotic elbow joint, a maggoted ear, severe skin problem and an attitude belying his size. Mrs. Irani’s TLC calmed […]

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Captain Hook

Captain Hook teaches responsibility!!So where did you dispose off that rusted, hook or even that stapling pin unmindfully, while hard at work? One single action of ours can bring so much pain to a living being. Capt. Hook was admitted with a rusted fishing hook lodged in […]

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With a mother Dead On Arrival, it was impossible to understand whether it was King Kong or Queen Kong. After being hand reared for two weeks, on Gudi Padwa day, we realised – It’s Sugar and Spice, and everything Nice! A girl has swayed into our hearts […]

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