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Diamonds Sparkle In Silence

We often hear of celebrity endorsements of social causes – anti-smoking and anti-fracking campaigns, child and women empowerment, environmental protection, wildlife conservation, the fight against racial and gender discrimination – and a score of other social justice concerns. I offer my complete respect and gratitude to these […]

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One could not but think of any other name when this burly fellow was carried into the hospital in a big basket. He was a bat and he was a man. As big as one with human expressions on his face. His wing was broken and bleeding […]

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Aptly named for his ability to fight back, to regain his health, this gentle python ( Scientific name : Pythonidae ) with a will to live, slithered into our hospital with serious injuries inflicted by the jagged metal edges of an earth mover machine. With several deep […]

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Used & Abused !!

In Thane district, donkeys are used for every purpose. Construction of buildings, repair of railroads, transportation of everyday use articles.  They do backbreaking work the full day with very little food, most of which is usually junk. Yet, they are the most abused of all animals. With […]

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Funny Bunny !!

Funny was confiscated by our staff, against all odds, from his owners. He had a very funny skin condition. Apart from being kept inside a cage, under a bed in a one room tenement, he had a god awful smell emanating from his mange filled body and. […]

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Back From The Dead

Jabbar, a common Indian Pariah mongrel, undernourished, frightened, inflicted with deadly Tetanus. Admitted in the month of January 2016, her body was stiff as a vodka, eyes closed and mouth open. Only her chest heaved up and down. A textbook case for euthanasia. But Mrs. Irani refused […]

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Lucky revived only for the positive name given to him by his rescuers at RAWW India. Severely electrocuted and burnt, Lucky was treated by our fabulous Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Deepa Katyal. He was fostered for a few days by his vet, for administering the round the clock […]

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Pet Shop Raid At Kurla

The Bird Committee appointed by Hon’ble The Bombay High Court raided the Kurla animal market as a routine procedure. Even though we have repeatedly seen these markets and the sufferings of the  animals and birds in them, these images never fail to distress us.        Pictures […]

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Costlier Than Gold

146 tortoises belonging to two critically endangered species, endemic to Madagascar, were confiscated by airport officials of Mumbai International Airport. 139 Radiated Tortoises (Astrochelys radiata) and 7 Angonoka or Ploughshare Tortoises (Astrochelys Yniphora) were wrapped tightly in plastic bags and were en route from Madagascar to Nepal. […]

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From The Horse’s Mouth

It’s the New Age Revolution. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Web-based blogs. Powerful aids put to practise not only as a business tool and office work, but so successfully in elevating the standards and efficacy of social work. Only in the last one year, we have seen revolutions […]

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