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Two consignments of 450 Indian Soft Shelled ¬†Turtles ( Nilssonia Gangetica ) and Spotted Pond Turtles ( Geoclamis Hamiltonii )were seized by the Mumbai Airport Air Intelligence Unit, just before they were being shipped off to Kualalumpur to end up as fancy dishes at restaurant dinner tables. […]

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Summer Rescues

Performing and Breeding animals are amongst the most abused of all species of animals. Centred only around their commercial value, the animals are used and reused, without adequate food, water and proper living conditions, for the services they provide. There are stringent laws for Performing and Breeding […]

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NilssoniaLeithii, a 9 kilo Indian Softshelled Turtle, listed as a Vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List, found his way into our hospital and our hearts with his aggressive attitude, a head full of abrasions and an injured carapace. Terrestrial freshwater reptiles, they are extensively hunted for […]

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Jai – Veeru

Almost reminiscent of the movie SHOLAY, these two are inseparable. Rescued from the forgotten city of Palghar, abandoned because they had lost their commercial value due to defective legs, eating out of garbage cans, Jay -Veeru was with us till their hooves were rectified. Most cooperative as […]

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Heart Over Head

In any welfare, sometimes heart rules over the head. Thane SPCA came to know about a gentleman in Palghar District owning close to a 100 animals ( dogs and cats ) in his 300 sq. ft house. Unable to cope with the alarming number in the tiny […]

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From the Horse’s Mouth

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford There are 20+ organizations working for animals in Mumbai and Thane. The average experience of the senior organizations is 10+ years and more. There are several informal networks and individual activists. Though […]

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