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Humpty & Dumpty

Its not always that abuse leaves physical scars on animals. Humpty and Dumpty were kept inside this enclosure – 3 ft X 4 ft, during 90{6907b6d92825f04ff6bb316c3da6fc322b05a5a3a0269a72589356b805ca0f15} of their lifetime. They were bought as month old puppies as a birthday gift for the family’s child who then realized […]

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Man’s Best Friend

Face smashed by a heavy stone when she caught a thief lurking inside her Master’s go-down, Bhota ( flat-faced ) was admitted by her Master from Chinchani. She travelled more than 125 kms in an auto rickshaw on NH 8 in her owners arms, who just had one request […]

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Jeera – The Horse Who Wouldn’t Give Up

Titwala in Thane District, has a lot of equine population. Mostly ponies, which are used to carry passengers to the famous temple there. Famous Temple, infamous work. The ponies and horses of Titwala are some of the most ill maintained. Local NGOs and animal activists have not […]

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Wild Guests From Kolhapur

On a windy December morning, a Forest department and a Police vehicle pulled up in front of our hospital. With 4 very very special miniature guests. Slow Loris from the jungles of Kolhapur. Siezed by an amazing police officer from the Crime Department from traders who were […]

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Global March

On 4th November 2014, Mumbai marched to speak out for the last vestiges of the wild. We marched along with 133 cities worldwide, for our rapidly decimating Elephants, Lions, Rhinos and Tigers – the Keepers of our Forests. We marched in an area which has a lot […]

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When The Rainbow Bridge Beckons

We’ve all loved an animal at some time in our lives. With whom our connection is instantaneous, the bond unflinching and the love unique. And when they move on, they leave behind voids that can never be filled. We hold on to their memories and we never ever forget […]

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