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Marching for the ‘Beasties’

Marching for the ‘Beasties’ A recent BBC news article spoke of a lion cub in Gir, who lead forest officials to his mother Rupa’s lifeless body. Apparently the cub stood guard over his mother’s corpse till the rangers returned with reinforcements. Although officials described the lion cub’s […]

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A Collage Of Activities

Whether it’s a simple toad which was run down by a motorbike and had broken his leg ), a Vine snake, a cattle egret or a monKey so badly burnt that his skin peels off – no one is turned away from our doorstep, unless there is […]

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Wild Aid

Mumbai and Thane has lately seen a of spurt of wildlife enthusiasts, who had limited knowledge about the protocols and handling of wildlife.  An Interactive Session Of, For and By Wildlife Enthusiasts was arranged by Thane SPCA and RAWW  on 19th April 2014, courtesy Rodas Ecotel at […]

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Chimpy’s mother was killed in a road rage while her baby was still attached to her with the placenta. The mother was declared DOA and our staff separated the baby from the mother at the hospital. The youngest patient ever to be admitted to our facility, she […]

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“KINDNESS“ Range Of Accessories

Thane SPCA endorses a cruelty free lifestyle – our merchandise reflects our philosophy. Nature based and Cruelty Free wallets , ladies purses, mens’ belts, duffle bags and much more. Made from man made material thus saving many animals who would have otherwise be killed. In association with […]

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Amit Pathak, one of the most dedicated animal rescuers of Mumbai, found E.T in Andheri. He followed him, cornered him and rescued him with the determination of a bulldog ! All so that, E.T. ( so named by our staff ) could live the rest of his […]

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Guest Of A Feather !

Beginning of June, a Maharashtra Shasan Jeep ambled up the driveway. The Forest Officers alighted with a bumper harvest of a total of 100 birds and a black rabbit with 2 broken hind legs. They were seized from a vendor who, along with 45 muniahs,5 Pahadi Parrots […]

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Adhoori – The Dog With Half a Face

Thane SPCA ambulance service had to track Her for 5 days before they could corner Her. Locals reported about a couple of boys passing by with cricket bats and stumps who hit her because She had barked at them. The locals never saw them again, but diligently […]

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