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From The Horse’s Mouth

From Darkness Into The Light!

The wheel of Animal welfare – or for that matter, any kind of social welfare – comprises many spokes. Without these, animal welfare would be meaningless.

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Anmol Yadein

A Musical Night, packed to the brim, hosted by Thane SPCA and Co-sponsored by Marshalls Wallpaper was held on the evening of  21st of September 2013, at Ravindra Natya Mandir. The proceeds from the show will entirely go towards medical aid for the street animals of Thane […]

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Mistaken Identity

  An Indian Rat snake ( Dhaman ) or Ptyas Mucosa is mistaken many a times as a King Cobra or Indian Cobra for its ability to growl. This makes them very susceptible to be injured or killed by humans when found in human habitat. The injuries […]

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Where There’s A Will …

  Imli was rescued and admitted in the hospital by our Member Sanjeev Dighe. An crippling number of maggots had eaten into her head through her right eye. We expected her to put up a struggle during the daily painful treatments. To our surprise, she turned out […]

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The Story Of Jugnu

A severely bleeding horse was spotted at night by several  people in Dombivili.  Darshak Shah, a local animal welfare activist, gave the horse first aid and sheltered him for the night at the premises of a local dairy owner. Next morning, our ambulance went to pick up […]

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Star Light – Star Bright !

BRIGHT, a street cat taken care of by Anju Bhattacharya from SantaCruz, Mumbai, was severely mauled during what may have been a fight for a harem. One side of his face was completely notched out. His eyes had to be put back into the socket by our […]

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Zindadil – The Braveheart

She was named Zindadil a month after she was admitted with Thane SPCA. Because at first we were unsure that she would make it ! Not a hair on her body, excepting the tip of her tail where the mange had not yet reached, she emanated a […]

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Chota Bheem

His mother died from a fall after receiving an electric shock while jumping through a transformer and breaking her spine. But she had wrapped her baby in her arms ensuring his safety. The mom was declared DOA, and the doctors were pretty shaky about the survival of […]

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