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From The Horse’s Mouth

It’s the New Age Revolution. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Web-based blogs. Powerful aids put to practise not only as a business tool and office work, but so successfully in elevating the standards and efficacy of social work. Only in the last one year, we have seen revolutions […]

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Working With Enforcement Agencies = Sustainable Animal Welfare

Hello all, I am back with some more food for thought. Sustainability in animal welfare or any kind of social justice initiative for that matter, depends predominantly on the co-operation and effective partnership between individuals, NGOs, and governmental authorities. I’m not saying that it’s an easy job. […]

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Dear Readers..

My parents recently paid me a visit at my home in New Zealand, and for the 40 odd days that they were here with me, life seemed perfect. When I finally waved goodbye to them at Wellington airport, I flashed them a bright smile and only after […]

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Jai – Veeru

Almost reminiscent of the movie SHOLAY, these two are inseparable. Rescued from the forgotten city of Palghar, abandoned because they had lost their commercial value due to defective legs, eating out of garbage cans, Jay -Veeru was with us till their hooves were rectified. Most cooperative as […]

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From the Horse’s Mouth

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford There are 20+ organizations working for animals in Mumbai and Thane. The average experience of the senior organizations is 10+ years and more. There are several informal networks and individual activists. Though […]

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The New Philanthropy Philosophy

Caring Friends – dawn of a new philanthropic age “Non nobis solum nati sumus.”(We are not born for ourselves alone.)― Marcus Tullius Cicero Often in animal welfare work, the focus is on – well, the animals. Their suffering, abuse and neglect, their treatment and rehabilitation, their care and […]

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When The Rainbow Bridge Beckons

We’ve all loved an animal at some time in our lives. With whom our connection is instantaneous, the bond unflinching and the love unique. And when they move on, they leave behind voids that can never be filled. We hold on to their memories and we never ever forget […]

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From The Horse’s Mouth

“There’s some hope in the world – and it’s worth fighting for.” It never ceases to amaze me – just how much pure goodness there is in this world. If you’re blinking in disbelief, I don’t blame you – what with the sordid stories of darkness, rage, […]

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Marching for the ‘Beasties’

Marching for the ‘Beasties’ A recent BBC news article spoke of a lion cub in Gir, who lead forest officials to his mother Rupa’s lifeless body. Apparently the cub stood guard over his mother’s corpse till the rangers returned with reinforcements. Although officials described the lion cub’s […]

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THE YEAR THAT WAS 2013-2014 !

Rescuing Laxmi the juvenile elephant from a life of begging on the streets and eating vada pav. Living with a leopard around the hospital premises for 9 straight days and nights. Experiencing Teamwork across hierarchy while caring for special need animals like Maruti, the Langur. Rraising funds […]

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